Luna & Athena

Hey, it’s Autumn Girl! I have two cats, their names: Luna and Athena. I have had them for 2 years now, and I have noticed how different they are from each other but how they are really close.



Luna is a British Black & White cat with little white paws and a cute white moustache-like print. She is adventurous and brave, and never shy to meet anyone (or any cat) new. Whenever we open the cat-flap, she is the first one out. She loves to play around; but she also loves to sleep too. Her favourite places to relax are: on a bed, on the top of my wardrobe and under the sofa-bed. She is so sweet and friendly, and I love her.



Athena is a fluffy Main-coone with gorgeous prints and soft fur. She is more lazy than Luna, but loves to have cuddles. She is shy when meeting new people, but still very friendly once she has got used to you. She loves to sleep – even when she goes outside, she sleeps in the garden! Her favourite places to sleep are: the window sill, on the end of the sofa and in any patch of sun she can find. She is so fluffy, and I love her!

We got them shortly after we moved house, and they loved to go in the boxes that we kept after moving. Spending Christmas with them was a laugh too- they ran around crazy with wrapping paper! Their birthday is on August 31st, so pretty soon!

If you have a pet, tell me about yours in the comment 🙂 -AutumnGirl



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