Paris 🇫🇷❤️

Hey, it’s Autumn Girl! I was scrolling through some photos when I came across a picture of when I went to Paris. It was the best trip I have had, and I have loved Paris since…

It was the middle of August, and my mum decided to take me to Paris for an early birthday present, but it was a surprise. My mum said we were giving her suitcase to one of her friends, and because I was so small and gullible – I believed her. I had no idea where we were going, and why we had to pack clothes and things in our suitcases. We got to the station and that’s when my dad pointed at a sign saying ‘París’ and he gave it away. But then I realised we were going to France!!! Apparently, my face lit up, and I was really excited.


When we arrived, we got our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, and it was amazing…! We walked to the hotel, which was luxurious, and we relaxed for a bit after the journey. We went out for lunch, and I had a scrumptious French baguette. That’s when I knew, that this week was gonna be awesome.


The next day, I had my FIRST French croissants…AND IT WAS SO GOOD! I had liked croissants before, but French ones are way better! In the evening, we went to the Eiffel Tower to watch the light go on, it was so pretty!

In the morning, we went and looked around the city, did some shopping alnd had fun. We spent most of the evening at the hotel, and just chilled.

After breakfast, we went to the Eiffel Tower. We climbed right to the top! The view was absolutely amazing! I could see for miles…it was so fun!

That was my experience at Paris. I will never forget how much fun we had there! ❤️



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