Top 5 Favourite Lipstick Shades

Hey, it’s Autumn Girl! This blog is going to be about my top 5 favourite lipstick shades. I love to wear lipsticks/liquid lipstick/lipgloss – so here are my favourite shades!

5. Nude

A nude lipstick is nice for a casual day out. The shades vary – but I personally like this shade ^

4. Peach/Light Pink

A light pink/peach shade is good for going to the park and maybe shopping with some friends! I really like this shade ^ but there are more colours to choose from!

3. Purple

  A nice purple lipstick is good for a cinema trip or maybe even for a Halloween costume! Purple is one of my favourite colours – so it was gonna be on the list. 🙂

2. Berry Red

A Berry red lipstick is a nice shade for a party (as long as it goes with your outfit!) and I love the colour. 

1. Scarlet/block Red

I love the colour red on my lips! Especially matte. This colour is good for a restaurant night, a party and even a sleepover. I personally wear it anywhere because it’s my favourite shade. 😜

That’s my favourite lipstick/liquid lipstick/lipgloss shades to wear! Cya xx



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