Hey! It’s Autumn Girl! This blog is about candles. I love to light candles in the evening to create an atmospheric place. Scented candles are my favourite! Here is my top 5 favourite scents! 😋

10. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera candles are fresh and are good airfresheners. 

9. Jasmine 

I love the smell of Jasmine. I have a perfume smelling of jasmine so I love to light these candles.

8. Fireside Treats

This candle smells like that gooey marshmallows goodness we all love. 🙂

7. Cookies and Cream

I love Oreos (Well, most people do!) especially dipped in milk. This candle reminds me of this!

6. Shea Butter 

I love this smell – it smells like a shower gel I have before – it smelt great! 👍🏻

5. Cherry Blossom

This scent reminds me of Spring, all the blossom growing and falling on the ground and waiting for children to play in. 

4. Chocolate Cake

I just love chocolate. And cake. So why not?

3. Christmas Memories

This candle smells like the whole of Christmas holidays. Festive.

2. Vanilla Cupcake

I like the smell of vanilla, it’s so nice. 🙂

1. Autumn Leaves

It’s an Autumn related candle, what do you expect? It reminds me of the whole beautiful season. 

These are my favourite candle scents – hope you enjoyed! Tell me your favourite scent in the comments. 😉 



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