My Favourite Colours

Hi, it’s Autumn Girl! I have always wondered about how different colours get discovered. There are so many colours in the world – so here is my top 5 favourite colours!

5. Turquoise/Aqua


Turquoise/Aqua reminds me of the ocean. I love the sea when it sparkles in the sun.

4. Burgundy


I have lots of clothes that is burgundy – it’s a really nice colour that goes well with most of my clothes.

3. Cherry Red


Cherry Red is a really nice shade that reminds me of cherry blossom which is so pretty!

2. Purple/Black

I couldn’t decide between the two colours so I chose both. I love purple because I just really like it! And black, I like because it goes with anything 😉

1. Rose Gold


OMG! I love rose gold, it’s so pretty! I love rose gold jewellery and nail polish 🙂

Thanks for reading! Tell me your favourite colour in the comments 🙂

-Autumn Girl



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