My Nail Polish Collection

Hey, it’s Autumn Girl! I love to paint my nails, I have so many colours and textures to choose from. So, here is my nail polish/varnish collection!


I have 2 red nail polishes, one is a scarlet red, and one is a sparkling festive red. They are both from The Colour Institute. I wear the scarlet one when I go to a party. And, I wear the sparkly one during the Christmas period.


I have 3 pinks: a neon pink, a pink with red and blue sparkles and a sparkly pink. The neon and pink with red and blue sparkles are from Pretty. The pink sparkly one is called Party Girl and is from Jess. (I got these as a present, so I don’t know what shop they are from.) 


I have 2 light blues from Jess. One is a sky blue with sparkles called Ibiza, and one is a light blue with a pink shimmer called Breathless. These are really pretty and I like to wear them during summer.


I have 3 turquoise nail varnishes, one is a block turquoise from LA. COLORS, and one is a sparkly turquoise from Pretty, and one is a turquoise with a green shimmer from The Colour Institute.


I have 2 blacks from Pretty. One is a block black and one is a nail decoration. The nail decoration is tiny black and silver gems that dry on your nails when you paint them.


I have 4 purples. One is Revlon 050 FASCINATE which is a block purple. Two are from Jess, one is a purple sparkly one called Disco Diva and one is called Blue Moon which is a purply navy. I have one from Orly called Indie which is a pastel purple. 

That’s my nail varnish collection. Tell me your favourite nail varnish in the comments 🙂 

-Autumn Girl xx


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