What’s in my travel bag?

Hey, it’s Autumn Girl! I’m off to Spain today! (Yay!) I thought I’d show you what is in my suitcase/travel bag for Spain!


It’s going to be really hot in Spain this week so I’m bringing light clothes. My clothes are:

1. A vest (H&M)

2. 2 floral dresses (H&M and Next)

3. A white crop top (From Candem Market)

4. 2 denim shorts (H&M)

5.  A star bikini (H&M)


I’m going to need basic everyday life things like a hairbrush and stuff like that. These things include:

1. Dry shampoo (Batiste)

2. Deoderant (Dove)

3. lip balm (Nivea)

4. Hair brush (most shops)

5. Plum lipstick (boots)

That’s what’s in my suitcase. I’m bringing entertainment like my tablet and phone and basic stuff like that for the flight. I’m leaving today, when I’m in Spain, I’m going to blog about what I get up to! 🙂



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