Day 3 & 4 of Alicante, Spain!

Hey it’s Autumn Girl! I have been in Spain for 5 days so far (including the evening we arrived) and I wanted to tell you what I’ve got up to at my time in Alicante! I’ve already done a blog on day 1 & 2 so go and check that out!

Day 3

We drove to the ranch again so I can do some horse riding! My horse was quite tall and pretty fast. The horses we rode were 11 years old. We rode around the spanish mountains and the views we got were amazing! My horse was pretty fast but it was so cool just seeing for miles around us! We went back and I did some swimming again and we had dinner al fresco. (You can google that if you don’t know what it means) Then we chilled for a bit and went to bed.

Day 4 

We went down to the beach and had some fun. I went to splash about in the sea. It was beautiful! We had a mini picnic and sun baved as well. 

I did some more swimming in the pool and played a few games with a pack of cards. We went to a restaurant for dinner after. It was a small restaurant nearby. That was my day!

Today is the last day I’m in Spain. Tomorrow I’m flying back to England and just going to relax after my flight. 

Tell me one of your travel experiences in the comments 🙂



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