Book Review: Girl Online On Tour

Hey, it’s AutumnGirl. Sorry I didn’t write yesterday – I was travelling back from Spain and my plane got delayed so I was really tired and we got back late. If you read my last book review, then you should know I’m a massive Zoella fan. I did a book review on Zoe’s first book: Girl Online. So, I’ve finished the sequel and here is my opinion on the book. (WARNING: There may be spoilers if you haven’t read the book.)

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, has written 2 books of which are the series of Girl Online. Girl Online On Tour, is the sequel to the best selling book: Girl Online. This book is an absolute page turner, and has a very gripping read.

*Spoiler Alert*

If you haven’t read all of the book, stop reading here.

I was really shocked when Penny and Noah broke up. I read on; I kept on thinking, this can’t be true, this can’t be true!  I couldn’t actually physically put the book down. I’m really excited to read her third book: Girl Online Going Solo.

Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) has a real talent when writing books. The series so far is definately my favourite books of all time!

I definately recommend reading this book. (Read book 1 first though- otherwise it won’t really make sense…)

Thank you for reading!

Tell me your favourite part of the story on the comments!



3 thoughts on “Book Review: Girl Online On Tour

  1. OMG! This book series is like at the top. My favourite! I would say the second book was my favourite and I loved the bit where Alex tells everyone about the Elliott on the beach stand

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