What To Do On A Sleepover! (Teen Girls Edition)

Hey, its AutumnGirl, I went to a sleepover last night and I thought I’d write some tips for things to get up to when you go on a sleepover.

Tip 1: Food

Food is important for a sleepover especially when it comes to midnight snacks. Crisps, chocolate and sweets are the best things for a sleepover. For dinner, I recommend pizza since everyone loves pizza! (if you have allergies-search for alternative options.)

Tip 2: Entertainment

For girls, I recommend music. Lots of girls love to sing and dance to the latest songs; party to your heart contents! Also, you can watch a movie of choice and watch some online videos on YouTube.

Tip 3: Girls Only

Talk about girly stuff. Grab some blankets, pillows and some snacks and make a good convocation. If you are close with these friends, share secrets to connect with them more.

Tip 4: Pranks & Dares

A good game to play is truth or dare. Prank calling and doing dares are funny to watch and do. DON’T do anything that will get you hurt, or in trouble though.

Tip 5: Have Fun

The main thing to do on a sleepover is to have fun! You may want to joke around and have a laugh or sit and watch a movie together: either way, you are having fun. And thats the main thing!

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope it helped you out with your sleepovers!



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