Autumn Is Round The Corner…

Hey, it’s AutumnGirl, as you all should know, I love autumn. Summer is finally over to make way for the autumn. Why I’m excited? Because autumn is beautiful. I love autumn: the shades of colours you see on the tree and the excitement of watching the children crunch and play in the leaves. There are many more reasons:image

  • My birthday is in autumn
  • I adore halloween
  • I love the colours and warmth
  • crunching the leaves as walk down the street
  • many autumnal treats to be eaten
  • the autumnal decorations are pretty
  • it’s not to cold, but not too warm either
  • autumnal make up comes out
  • it’s an all round beautiful season


There are many more things but I think we will be here all day. I also love autumn because it’s very photogenic. I love to take photos, especially of the autumn trees. (Just to say, I’ve probably said autumn about a million times now…)

I hope you can understand my love for autumn. Tell me your favourite season in the comments 🙂



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