A Day In The Life Of Autumn Girl: Brighton

Hey, it’s Autumn Girl! I have just been to Brighton to spend the day there. It was so fun! My mum, aunt & cousin came with me. I travelled from London, got the train there, and went to the beach.

First, we went down to the beach and had some fun. On the way there, I bought a postcard that had a picture of the sea at sunset that I thought would go nice on my cork board in my room. When we got there, we had a nice chat and chilled for a while and later on, me and my cousin went to play in the sea. I got soaked!

Later, we went to the pier and had some fun at the arcade. I had won a couple of prizes, which was cool. We went to the shop after, and bought some rock candy. We bought 5 flavours: 2 Candy Floss, Tropical, Bubble Gum and Mint. I had the bubble gum one, and I tried some candy floss as well. We ate them at the beach, as we watched the waves crash against the rocks and stones.

After this, we went to Burger King to eat. It was really tasty! I ordered a chicken burger and a Fanta. After we had eaten, it was quite late, so we headed back home after our trip. It was a really fun day!

And that was our trip to Brighton. I really love Brighton, and I hope one day, I could live there! I Hope you enjoyed 😉

-AutumnGirl x


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