My Monthly Favourites! (August)


Hey, it’s AutumnGirl. I have been enjoying watching YouTube videos of monthly favourites. I have 5 things that I have purchased this month, that I would like to share with you.

5. MUA Shade 10 Lipstick


This lipstick is a cherry red shade with a shimmer to it. I like to wear it because it reminds me of autumn! (And I love autumn 🍁🍂) It’s a moisturising lipstick, so it isn’t very pigmented.

4. ‘Trés Chic!’ Wall hanging decoration


I have this really nice black sparkly hanging decoration in my bedroom saying ‘Trés Chic!’ on it in golden sparkles. I bought in Claire’s.

3. Blossom scented candle


I have been loving this blossom scented candle that I bought from IKEA a while back. It smells really nice and it is very cheap.

2. NIVEA soft moisturising cream


I was in Boots one day and I found this really nice NIVEA cream. It works well, and smells quite nice if you ask me! It feels very refreshing.

1. Girl Online & Girl Online On Tour


These books by Zoe Sugg are really, really good. I definitely recommend them! I techniquely didn’t purchase the first book (Girl Online) in August but I did purchase the sequel this month. I really love these books! I did do a book review on both of them – so go and check that out! (Book review for book 1: Girl Online, Book review for book 2: Girl Online On Tour)

So that’s 5 things I have been enjoying this month. Tell me something you have been enjoying in the comments 🙂

-Autumn Girl x


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