My Dream

Hey, it’s AutumnGirl. I have many things to do when I’m a bit older, so I thought I’d share a few of these things with you.


I really want to live in Brighton. I love the sea, the pier and other things about it. I’ve always wanted to live by the sea. I would buy a small, but homely,  house and share it with 1 or 2 people to help get money/rent on the line.


I’ve want to be a photographer but that’s more of a hobby.  But, what I’ve always wanted to be is a vet. I am a huge animal lover, and just working to save other animals would make me happy. One day, I hope that I could open up my own vet or animal shelter, to help get animals a home and back to health. If I had the chance to work for the RSPCA in finding abandoned dogs & cats, then I would definitely take the chance.

Sorry this has been a small blog, but I wanted to share my future (hopefully) with you.

Tell me your dream job in the comments!

-AutumnGirl x


2 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. I’d love to become a photographer! I’ve been loving photography all my life and it would be amazing is my career was something I enjoy so much!


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