Back To School: Things You Need In Your School Bag

Hey, it’s AutumnGirl. All the ‘Back To School’ sections are in the shops, and people are starting to go to school again. Summer break is over (sadly…) and its time to get educated! Whether that’s people in Primary, Secondary, Collage or even University, your going to need these things in your ‘school’ bag! Not including your pencil case, homework, books and things…

1. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer are really good when it comes to school. There are a lot of germs, so it’s good to use this during the school day.

2. Watch

Watches are always good to know when your finishing a session or when it’s time to go home.

3. Mints/Chewing Gum

Most schools aren’t allowed chewing gum but if you are then it’s a good idea to have fresh minty breath! 

4. Nude Lipgloss

Nude colours  are the best things to put on during the day because a bright lipstick is too much for school. I recommend a lipgloss, because it’s easier to put on. 

5. Hair bands/hair grips

You will most likely need a hair band or grip for P.E and it’s always good to have spare just in case one snaps or you loose one.

6. Deoderant

You will always need deodorant just to freshen up a bit. And just in case you are a bit smelly on a hot day or after P.E.
7. Lip balm

A lip balm is good to keep your lips moisturised.

8. Tissues 

Tissues are good just in case you have a blocked nose.

9. Hair Spray

Hair spray is good if you want your hair to stay fresh and up for a long time.

10. Snacks 

Snacks are good for break time or recess and for after school. I recommend small snacks that fit in your bag and don’t have anything to unhealthy.

Those are some things I recommend to bring to school, collage or university. Thanks for reading!

-AutumnGirl x


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