Zoella Haul

Hey, it’s AutumnGirl….IM SO SUPER SORRY I HAVE NOT POSTED FOR LIKE, A MONTH!!!! I’ve had so much homework and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to write anything for ages. It’s good to be back though 😉

For my birthday, (which was ages ago…) I received a whole bunch of Zoella products! If you have read my previous blogs, you would know I’m a MASSIVE Zoella fan ☺️ This is all the Zoella things I own and have got from my birthday…

1. Zoella ‘La Fizz’ bath fizzer

I have used her bath fizzer once before, and I loved it! The only thing I would change is that it would not dissolve as quickly as it did…😓 

2. Zoella ‘Sweet Inspirations’ body mist

I love her perfume, it smells soooooooooooooo good and it is in the cutest packaging😋 It doesn’t last as long as I hoped it would but I love it otherwise!

3. Zoella ‘Kissy Missy’ lip balm

I have had 2 of these in the past, and have loved them. They are quite moisturising and have a nice pale pink tint in them. 

4. Zoella ‘deck the baubles’ bath lotion 

I haven’t used this yet because I’m waiting for the Christmas period (AKA all the time…but I’m waiting for December😅) to use it. Which is hard considering it smells so freakin Christmassy nice!

5.  Zoella bath & makeup bag

I love the design on these bags, they are so girly and cute. I use the make up bag as for my school make up, and my bath bag to hold my Zoella bath lotions…

6. Zoella ‘sweet inspirations’ body lotion

I love the smell of it, but every time I have a struggle to get the actually lotion out😅

7. Zoella ‘candy’ body moisturiser 

I love the pink specs in this moisturiser and is so smooth. I also have quite dry skin so that helps too🛁

8. Girl Online & Girl Online On Tour


9. Girl Online pencil case

Because I love girl online so much – I had to buy this pencil case and I basically filled it with all my Sharpies ✍️️

10. Zoella Guinie Pig make up bag

I technically didn’t use this as a make up bag…I filled it with all my candy & chocolate 😂

11. Zoella ‘Key To Inspirations’ Key ring

I love this key ring because it makes me smile whenever I use my keys to open my door☺️

And that’s all of my Zoella products (so far coz let’s face it, I’m gonna buy more😊)

-Autumn Girl x


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