Monthly Favourites (September)

Wassup??? Its Autumn Girl. Sorry this monthly favourites is late, but at least I did it! Here are 5 things I have really enjoyed last month…

1.Zoella ‘Deck The Baubles’ Bubble Bath

I haven’t actually used it yet, I just absolutely adore the smell! I’m waiting to use it in the beginning of December so it gets me excited for Christmas, even though I’m already excited… The gingerbread and warm vanilla is a really good combination. It’s literally Christmas in a bauble 🙂

2. Zoella ‘The Key To Inspiration’ Keyring

I love this keyring because whenever I put my keys in the door, I always smile. Also, I just adore rose gold!

3. Sims 4

I LOVE SIMS. I got this game on my birthday (which was in September) and I can’t believe how good it is!

4. Laroc Neutral Eye Shadows

I love the colours in this palate. They are nice and neutral, and easy to wear. I would recommend buying this pallet if you are a beginner seeing as it is a beginner’s pallet 🙂

5. Rimmel Kate Moss 107

I love this lipstick and I’m glad I bought it. I was recommended it and I know that zoella likes it too so I tried it out. And it’s really good! I love the colour of the red because it’s not too bright and it has a hint of cherry red in it.

These are the thing that I enjoyed in September and are still loving now. Tell me something you have been enjoying in the comments…

-AutumnGirl x


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