Happy Halloween! 🎃👻

Heelllllooooo! It’s Auuutttuummnnn giiiiiirrrrllll!

(Imagine that being said in a creepy voice)

Happy Halloween! I had school today, but I have done some Halloween related things today!

The first thing I did when I got home is dressed up to get me in the spooky mood! I dressed as a creepy doll – and I pranked my mum by scaring her when she came through the door…She wasn’t expecting me to dress up! 😂

Next, we set up some Halloween games. We played bobbing for apples first. I managed to get two apples out, and I was soaked! 

After, we did a funny task of trying to eat a donut whilst blind-folded with no hands. Can you imagine how hard that is?

Finally, we watched Hotel Transylvania. It was a good movie.

And that was my Halloween night. Tell me how yours went in the comments! 🎃👻

Happy Halloween! -AutumnGirl x


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