Blogmas Day 3/4: Decorating & DIY decorations

Hey, its Autumn girl and I’m really sorry that I didn’t post yesterday, I went to IKEA and I went for a meal with friends. Anyways, we decorated the house today and I made some DIY decorations!

My tree has purple and silver decorations with a gold star.


I also have other decorations around the house too:

I made mini snowmen decorations from white socks, rice, pins and different decorative materials. Its also a sweet, small gift to give a loved one. Here’s how to make it:


1. You cut the end of the sock with scissors and fill the sock with rice.

2. Next, you close the sock with an elastic band and then you create a head shape with another elastic band.

3. With the end of the sock you cut off, make a mini hat and put a pom-pom on top to make a bobble hat and cover the open part with it.

4. Next, cover the elastic band on the neck with a scarf like thing made from fabric or other materials.

5. After, put the 2 black pins in for the eyes, and an orange one for the nose.

6. Lastly, put 2 buttons on its chest.

And there we go! You can also make penguins as well just with black socks and a white belly instead of white socks and buttons. Sorry, again, for not writing yesterday.

Hope to see you tomorrow for another blog!-AutumnGirl x



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