Blogmas Day 8: Last minute gift ideas🎁🎄

Hey, it’s Autumn Girl and if you are having trouble getting someone a gift or you forgot someone this year, here are some ideas for last minute gift ideas to buy your loved ones…

1. Sock Snowmen

This can be easily made and if you read my Blogmas Day 3/4 the instructions are there to make them!

2. Hot Chocolate Jar

Step 1. Fill about a quarter of a small/medium jar with cocoa powder

Step 2. Fill up till half way with mini chocolate chips or blocks of chocolate of your choice (I personally like slices of chocolate orange)

Step 3. Fill it a bit more but not too much so doesn’t go over 3/4 of it with more cocoa powder

You can also do this with white chocolate or mint hot chocolate. If you give this to someone, make sure you tell them to fill the rest of it with boiled water.
3. Xmas Tree Shortbread cookies

Step 1. Find a quick and easy shortbread recipe online and shape the cookies with tree shaped cookie cutters

Step 2. Decorate with green icing and red circular sprinkles!

Quick, and easy😜
I know these aren’t many ideas but I hope some help with xmas💖

-Autumn Girl x


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