Blogmas Day 5: Top 5 Favourite Xmas Songs

Hey, its Autumn Girl and I am a big fan of the festive songs and I love singing in general. But there is something about some Christmas songs that warms my heart. Anyway, enough with the cheesey stuff, here are my top 5 xmas songs!

5. Silent Night

A Christmas carol favourite-sweet, slow and festive!

4. 12 Days of Christmas

Everyone has heard this song at least once, if not, then YouTube it!!!

3. Let it snow

I listened to this song at a theatre production playing Aladdin and  it played at the beginning and I have loved it ever since!

1. All I want for Christmas 

I have 2 first favorites and this song just brings joy to me ☺️

1 .Merry Christmas Everyone

I don’t know why this is my favourite-its just a really nice song and I have heard it many times and have loved it.

Thanks for reading! -AutumnGirl x


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