Blogmas Day 9: Secret Santa Gifts under £5

Hey it’s Autumn Girl and I have 3 secret Santa gifts to buy for this year and I wanted to show you some ideas I had to buy my friends!

1. Lush 

Some Lush bath bombs are under £5 and are absolutely amazing! They are amazing quality, professional and cheap! I asked my secret Santa’s to buy me one of these because I am a massive Lush fan…
2. Paperchase

Small little gifts for anyone are easily found in Paperchase. They have amazing small things that have sentimental meaning and at a good value.
3. Ely’s 

Ely’s has quite a few expensive values but they have a pocket money section with loads of things under £5. I bought my friend some Play Foam and it’s a great stress reliever if you know anyone who gets easily stressed!
4. Chocolate Pack

You can easily get chocolate/sweets for under £5 anywhere and you could put together a mini pack! 
5. Stationary

You can’t really go wrong with stationary – I bought one of my secret Santa’s a pack of nice gel pens for £3! 
6. Superdrug

Superdrug is one of my favourite shops and is SUPER cheap. You can buy lots of make up under £5s there!
7. Accessories 

Small accessories like hair bands, clips, bracelets, necklaces and others can be under £5 easily in quite a few places. 
8. Nail varnish

You can get pots of nail varnish in Boots/Superdrug at a great quality and price. I have bought nail varnish there for many people before. 
I hope this helps💖🎄

-Autumn Girl x


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