Blogmas Day 15: Stocking fillers

Hey it’s Autumn Girl and I want to tell you some ideas for stocking fillers for this Christmas…
1. Tube of Smarties 

Every year, I get a tube of pink smarties in my stocking. It’s a good gift.
2. Pack of marshmallows 

Marshmallows are a good gift because anyone who can have them – loves them. Fact.
3. Mini hair bows

I don’t know why this is on this list – I just like hair bows. They are a good gift for people who like small accessories like that.
4. Gel pens 

Gel pens are really useful for school and even work and good for a stationary lover.
5. Mini notebook 

I love to draw and doodle and I have a couple of notebooks and it’s quite useful.
6. Lipstick 

A lipstick can fit in a stocking easily and is a good present for anyone.
7. Mini mirror 

Mirrors are useful and easy to carry around. 
8. Keyring 

A keyring is small and cool to have on your keys.
9. Necklace/bracelet 

Everyone likes bracelets and necklaces.
10. Chocolate/sweets

Fill the rest of the stocking with sweets and chocolate is easy and yummy.
I hope this gives you a good idea.

– Autumn Girl x


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